Honey Suckle

Brief: Design an exciting way of branding and packaging a new range of chocolates or sweets.

“A mouth-watering selection of succulent honey shards for a sophisticated palette in a variety of flavours.”

A fun, modern twist on a luxury confectionary suitable for all consumers, but targeted specifically at adults. Similar to the marketing of ‘Ferrero Rocher’ and ‘After Eights’, these honey shards will be promoted as a sweet treat to satisfy the taste buds after a dinner party or for a cheeky evening snack.


To promote within an ecologically aware population, making the packaging eco friendly will not only benefit the environment, but attract customers to purchasing the confectionary over other sweets and chocolates as this product promotes a consciousness of the environment we live in.

It would be beneficial if a proportion of the profit was fed back to the sustainability of the Honey Bee population in the UK. As honey is the main ingredient in the product, creating a maintainable cycle of product, it would only improve the generation and profit of the product. Also, choosing organically sourced ingredients promotes healthier and responsible eating, even though it is a confectionary product.

The interactive nature of the packaging becomes a talking point at a dinner party, and a fun and quirky structure suited towards adults. The way each box twists out was inspired by a manmade beehive in which you have to pull out the individual hives to reveal the honey. Each box contains a different flavour suited towards a sophisticated palette. Inside each box will be a description of the flavour and where the ingredients have been sourced. The boxes will be connected by a small rotating part at the rear of the packaging, which will allow the structure to move and the individual boxes to be opened accordingly.

The moveable box will be lightly wrapped in cellophane to prevent movement during transportation, as well as maintaining freshness and a longer sell by date for the product. The product details will be on both the box and a belly bound.

Target Audience

Adults 25+
The luxury nature of the confectionary will attract adults who are ecologicially repsonsible and willing to pay a little bit more for the right sweet treat.