Eat Seasonal

Brief: ‘Design a conversational print’

YCN Cath Kidston

There’s nothing more important that getting your five a day for a healthy lifestyle. As a country, we get through an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables every week, but is this produce actually as fresh or as tasty as it could be? As a society, we take for granted the resources available to us on demand. Supermarkets sell fruit and vegetables all year round, meaning we eat these products out of season, when the crops are not at their optimal growth or flavour.

‘Eat Seasonal’ is a campaign to spread the message of eating seasonal produce by ‘wearing your greens’. It is important to acknowledge that not all fruit and veg should be eaten throughout the year. As seasons change in temperature and precipitation, so does the ground that produces grows in, changing the phenotype of the produce. The quality of the produce should exceed importance over quantity.

Print and patterns have become part of modern design, influencing campaigns, delivering messages and impacting fashion trends. Fashion, like produce, revolves around seasons, so creating a pattern that influences what we should eat in the correct season benefits both producers and consumers. A conversational print for a worthy reason.